I Lied about My Favorite Winter Fruit

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A New Year’s Resolution to be Healthier

Today my nephew posed a request in our family group chat asking for a recommendation for Vitamin C “pills” – he wants to be healthier in 2024. I quickly responded that the BEST way to get Vitamin C (and almost ALL vitamins and minerals) is from whole food, especially fresh fruits and vegetables. I continued that “you’ll absorb them better PLUS you’ll get all the benefits of fiber!”.

How much Vitamin C do you need?

This Vitamin C fact sheet indictes that most of us need between 75 mg and 90 mg of Vitamin C per day. If you eat just a few servings of fruits and/or vegetables daily, you’re probably covered right there! In the summer, that’s pretty easy to do with all the berries and stone fruit abound. But during the cold-weather winter, some find it more challenging to get in the recommended 5-9 servings of fruit and vegetables per day for OPTIMAL HEALTH. And the greater the variety you eat, the more nutrients you will consume.

An orange Sumo citrus fruit sitting on the balcony ledge with trees in the background.
Sumo Orange

What’s Your Favorite Winter Fruit?

I previously told you that my favorite winter fruit is the Sumo Orange. It’s not cheap and has just started appearing in some stores. It’s the perfect combination of juicy and sweet with just a hint of tart. I love having one for a snack and also to cleanse my palate after dinner. They are typically available for several months throughout the winter and possibly into the spring.

But my FAVORITE winter fruit is actually the Fuyu persimmon. The Fuyu (vs. Hichiya) variety is the non-astringent version of this nutrient-rich fruit. It can be eaten whole (right off the tree), or sliced like an apple. You don’t even have to remove the peel! It is also great to slice and chop and include in a salad, adding a burst of color and nutrients (look for my future post on Winter Salads). Too bad that it’s not in season for very long. I’m lucky that I can buy delicious dried persimmons from my local farmers market. Try a persimmon and tell me how you like it!

Two bright orange Fuyu persimmons from the local Farmer's Market in Oakland, CA
Fuyu Persimmons

Let me know….What’s your favorite winter fruit?

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