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“Join Us in France” is my favorite!

This podcast prepares you to plan a great trip to Paris and many other destinations in France. IAnnie Sargent’s program is not only educational with great travel advice, it is also entertaining! Her website is loaded with valuable resources. I have the honor of being her most recent podcast guest, where we discussed our most recent trip to Paris. I hope you enjoy listening to our discussion on “Eating Vegan in the Land of Baguettes and Brie” (you can find episode #476 on the Join Us in France Travel Podcast wherever you listen to podcasts–Apple, Google, Spotify).

This is an image describing the Join Us in France Travel Podcast #476 with Annie Sargent and Dvora Citron.

You can read my Paris posts I have so far on Giverny and Vélib’ Paris Bike Rental. Please tell me what you think of this fun podcast and stay tuned for more Paris blog posts!

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