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Disclaimer:  If you are interested in using any Prolon nutritional products, connect first with your physician to ensure it is medically safe for you.

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The Prolon 5 Day Fast Mimicking Diet is Right for Me!

I have Prolon experience!  Since 2019, I have done 22 rounds of the Prolon 5 Day Fast Mimicking Diet. 

In this post I will tell you:

  • why I adopted Prolon as one of my pillars of longevity lifestyle practices
  • what some of my recommendations are for trying Prolon
  • how you can order it from my Prolon sales page

You can learn more on my Prolon page.

Some History about Fasting

Fasting is an ancient practice, dating back to biblical times.  My first encounter with fasting was as a child watching my parents refrain from eating and drinking on the Jewish High Holiday Yom Kippur, the most well-known religious fast day in Jewish practice.  Historically, this type of fasting was meant to enhance your spiritual experience.  I failed at fasting when I tried to after my Bat-Mitzvah (once I became an “adult” in the Jewish community).  My parents reassured me that my headache and being “hangry” were good enough excuses to have some water and a small snack, and that I could remain at synagogue to pray through the end of the holiday.

Is Fasting a Fad?

Undoubtedly, refraining from eating and drinking is first and foremost a dangerous and potentially life-threatening practice, especially for people with certain health or medical issues.  But fasting has been used throughout time for beneficial purposes. Fast-forward to today (pun intended!), fasting is now popular, not just as a weight-loss strategy, but also as a means of cultivating longevity, meaning to increase one’s lifespan as well as improve healthspan (quality of life).

Currently Popular Fasting Practices

Today, one of the most popular weight loss strategies is intermittent fasting.  There are many versions of this practice with different science behind the various iterations.  Certain well-known personalities are also strong advocates of certain times of IF (intermittent fasting) and TRE (time-restricted eating). These methods may contribute to weight loss by decreasing the “feeding window” .

Contents of the prolon kit

What is  the Prolon 5 Day Fast Mimicking Diet?

Prolon FMD is a specifically-designed eating formula that makes your body think it is fasting when you are allowed to eat a minimal amount of calories that keep you “below the nutrient-sensing pathways”.  This process is supposed to promote cellular rejuvenation and provide a metabolic reset. 

The Prolon 5 Day plan is different from IF or TRE because over the course of the five days, your body is in a prolonged fasting state which puts you into a state of autophagy.  Autophagy is a process that promotes cellular rejuvenation.  One of the main benefits of the Prolon 5 Day FMD vs. water fasting is that it preserves muscle mass even during weight loss.

Additionally, there have been and continue to be many scientific and clinical studies evaluating the value of FMD for a variety of clinical conditions, including metabolic health conditions, Diabetes, Cancer, and other medical diagnoses.

Infograph of what happens in your body over the 5 days of Prolon


I adopted Prolon as a longevity practice in mid-2019, a little more than a year after I decided to shift to almost all plant-based eating.  In the next few years, I immersed myself in plant-based nutrition and cooking certifications, as well as the Wellcoaches Health and Well-being training with a specialization in Lifestyle Medicine. My Prolon practice is consistent (typically every 3-4 months since the initial monthly x3 start)  and I’ve taken advantage of the opportunity to participate in the coaching teams offered by Prolon. With the launch of my blog and progress of slant2plants.com, I am now a Prolon provider and hope to be leading a coaching team that I will facilitate with Prolon’s knowledge and permission (I am not employed by Prolon). Let me know if you’d like to join my Prolon team coaching. To learn more about the Prolon program, see my Prolon page. You can check out my Prolon sales page if you are interested in ordering any Prolon products. 

Older couple running in Florida
Healthy Retirement: An older couple running together in Pompano Beach, Florida


Someone recently said to me “I’m not into Longevity”. I thought it was funny, as if longevity is a philosophical  belief.  My guess is that person is turned off by the hype around all the craze over the “longevity gurus” (Peter Attia, David Sinclair, Andrew Huberman as a few examples) and their recommended practices (ice baths, severely restricted windows of feeding).
The practice and science of longevity is about living longer and healthier.  Several organizations teaching and promoting longevity frameworks are gaining traction, including Blue Zones, and Lifestyle Medicine 6 Pillars,

Ingredients in the prolon kit including tea, soup, olives and supplements
Prolon ingredients include soup in a bowl, crackers and olives on a plate

Beginning Tips for Prolon Success

  • Order your kit in advance.  My Prolon sales page has reduced pricing for my clients
  • Read Dr. Longo’s book, The Longevity Diet
  • Join a Prolon Coaching Team Group.  You will learn tips and best practices for optimizing your Prolon experience and get great support during your 5 days of Prolon (starting the day before and ending the day after), such as:
    • Schedule your “fast”
    • Expect you will do less exercise
    • Reduce your caffeine intake

Are you interested in trying the 5 day Prolon program but not sure if you are ready?  Try the Reset 1-Day kit to get a “feel” for Prolon. 

Do you want more information?  Email me with your questions and concerns.

While Prolon is a clinically validated program, it is considered food and not a medical treatment.  If you choose to use Prolon or any type of fasting regimen, best practice is to discuss with your primary care physician if this is a safe choice for you that supports your health and well-being.  Salud!

Start Your Next Round of Prolon with Me Next Week!

Zoom Sessions for Coaching Group: Sunday, February 25th (prep meeting) through Friday, March 1st, 7:00 – 8:00 p.m. Use this link: https://us06web.zoom.us/j/85614543639?pwd=PNbc4Z5axUoJ5wvrmkistRSHdtPBh5.1 Meeting ID: 856 1454 3639 Passcode: 416840

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