Sunday Supper (and then some)!

Sharing the Good!

I like to share examples of meals and dishes we enjoy at home that are delicious, nutritious and easy to make. Here I integrated batch cooking for the week into my dinner preparation.

Using Leftovers for Batch Cooking

Tonight I made Butternut Squash Farro Risotto along with roasted Kabocha squash and steamed spinach drizzled with a little EVOO and fresh squeezed lemon.

Plated dinner with butternut farro risotto, spinach and roasted kabocha squash on a white chhina plate.

I roasted a large container of precut butternut squash from Costco, tossed in little EVOO and spiced with sage and black pepper. I used farro for the risotto grain today. I love the nutty taste of farro and it’s high fiber and high protein content. My vegan version includes nutritional yeast, which adds the cheesy flavor, and even more protein and fiber, as well as a whopping dose of B vitamins.

I microwaved the large container of organic spinach (also from Costco) for 4-5 minutes, then drizzled it with EVOO and a fresh squeezed Meyer lemon from our own tree. Spinach is famous for being a powerhouse of nutrients and fiber. I added no water when microwaving, so no nutrients were lost into any water. Our bodies also absorb the iron and calcium more efficiently when the spinach is cooked.

I cut the Kabocha squash with our new heavy German knife we bought in Phoenix over New Year’s weekend. I just scoop out the pulp and seeds and place face down on a parchment-lined pan and roast for 375 degrees for 30 minutes. When the skin is beginning to brown, turn off oven and let sit for a few minutes. Like most orange vegetables, this winter squash is loaded with Vitamin A, and a decent amount of other nutrients including potassium and Vitamin C. It tastes delicious without anything added!

Butternut squash farro risotto topped with chopped parsley in a glass loaf pan
Roasted kabocha squash in a white porcelain round dish

Heading into the week, we get to enjoy another two meals for both of us – another dinner and also a lunch for work. With just the two of us at home, we love having leftovers to stretch out during the week!

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Sharing the Good!

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