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Mother of the Bride: Getting in shape for the Wedding!

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Selfie Headshots of the Bride and Mom smiling and next to eachother a few weeks before the wedding
Bride and Mother-of-the-Bride

One more Prolon 5 day round before the wedding…

Prolon 5 Day Nutrition Program has been my most frequent topic these days. My daughter gets married in just a few weeks and I want to look fantastic in the gorgeous dress I have! Yes, I’m definitely using it to keep my weight in check. But also for the multiple benefits I get (and hopefully will get!) including metabolic reset, cellular rejuvenation, craving control, and longevity. In between my Prolon rounds, I eat a predominantly whole food plant-based diet that focuses on high nutrient density and great taste!

Are you a woman in your mid-40’s, 50’s, 60’s and even 70’s that wants help with weight loss and better nutrition? I can help you! Check out my Health Coaching page and book a Discovery Call with me to discuss.

The information on this is not medical advice. If you are interested in Prolon and/or plant-based eating, you should consult with your physician to discuss if it is appropriate and safe for you.

Are you ready to try Prolon? You can order HERE and check out my Prolon page for more information. I have 20 Tips & Tricks for Prolon Success for YOU.

Prolon Works for Me

I’ve been talking about how well Prolon has worked for me over the last 5 years. I started in my mid-50’s, just a year after I decided to shift my eating to almost entirely whole food plant-based. Despite a very nutritious food intake, at (now) 4’9″ “short”, I struggle with maintaining a healthy weight with an appetite that’s proportionally larger than my size and stature. Longevity is also a high priority for me so Prolon addresses the short-term and long-term goals!

As I embarked onto this new career path (blogging and health coaching), I decided that becoming an active Prolon Provider is something I also wanted to pursue. I am confident in the science behind Prolon and I am impressed with the continuing clinical research and results. Now I have my own great track record with Prolon–over the last five years I’ve used the 5 Day Prolon FMD consistently every 3-4 months, this last one being my 24th round. Prolon is part of my regular wellness routine, and I’m now adding periodic days of the One Day Reset. I’m also trying out some of the new products, including the Protein shake and the L-spread.

You’ll know from my previous posts that I upped my Prolon practice over the last few months in preparation for my daughter’s wedding. Subsequently, I’ve been posting a lot about Prolon. I’ll be dropping back down to my “regular” practice now, but am excited about providing support to others beginning and continuing on their own Prolon journey. I can help you by providing direct support with links to my Prolon page, Prolon products page, and other resources. You can also sign up for health coaching with me to help you lose weight, learn plant-based eating and cooking, and almost any other health and wellness goal you have!

I want to hear from you!

Thank you for joining me on my journey! I’d love to hear your thoughts and questions, so please leave me comments, or contact me directly!

Prep for Day 1
Day 1: Home from work
Prep for Day 2: L Drink
How to make the L Drink & Prepping for Day 4
Day 5: Best Round of Prolon Ever!
Round 24 Meal Program Card which lists all the contents of the Prolon 5 Day FMD over 5 days. I also recorded my weight over seven days and wrote each date.

Sharing the Good!

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