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Nutrition and Dental Health

I just had my regular exam and cleaning at the dentist.  No cavities—NEVER had one.  Despite my healthy diet, I’m guessing I have some special help from genetics here. If you ask most dentists what to eat for healthy teeth, you’ll typically hear: 1.  Not to eat candy, especially sticky candy  2.  Not to bite down on hard food  3.  Avoid snacking to keep dental exposure to sugar to a minimum. But does what we eat really affect our teeth and our smile?

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Is a vegan diet good for my teeth and dental health?

I’m going to clarify that I say “vegan” because it’s easier for most people to understand vs. a whole food plant based diet (WFPBD). I mean, I could eat just potato chips, oreos and cola and still call myself vegan… So just to be clear, we’re talking HEALTHY vegan here.

I wanted to investigate more about a WFPBD and if it has an adverse effect on oral health.

One of the main concerns cited in the literature is enamel demineralization, which predictably would happen when someone has a high carbohydrate intake, resulting in a lower, acidic oral pH. This acidic saliva eats away at the enamel covering of the teeth.  When minerals such as calcium and phosphate decrease, the smooth surface of teeth begins to erode, making them more vulnerable to tartar and plaque. Our mouths is arguably the main entry point for foreign substances to enter our body.  The role of our oral microbiome is crucial to not just our dental health but influential on the general health of all our body systems.

Foods in a well-balance whole food plant-based diet include fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, and legumes.

I did some research in this area and many of the articles I read clearly did not understand the healthy version of being vegan (WFPBD).  In addition to minimizing any ultra-processed foods (UPFs), most “healthy” vegans also minimize “SOS” (sugar, oil and salt).  I found THIS great example of a plant-based “Healthy Plate”which illustrates the daily food intake for a WFPB eater.

I contest that, in fact, eating a whole food plant-based diet rich in a variety of fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains and legumes, and nuts and seeds is so nutritionally robust that it is actually protective for dental health. Eating these anti-inflammatory foods high in phytonutrients help build a strong immune system so you can fight off many illnesses and diseases

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Orthodonture and Teeth Whitening

Here I demonstrate how I use my dental trays and bleach gel for my at-home teeth-whitening process.

You can see an orthodontist for consulting about teeth-straightening, which helps with both aesthetics and oral/dental health.  Even if you are an older adult, it can be helpful.  I had orthodontic treatment in my 30’s and 40’s with Invisalign and I still wear retainer trays at night. Although it’s not recommended officially, I use those same trays with bleach gel when I want to whiten my teeth.

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Best Tips for healthy teeth and a great smile:

  • Practice good oral hygiene and go for regular dental check ups
  • Eat plenty of nutrient-rich foods
  • Avoid soda and high-sugar beverages
  • Avoid sugary, sticky foods
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Your smile is your sexiest asset!

Having nice teeth definitely contributes to a great smile.  But the most important thing about your smile is the glowing energy inside that shines to everyone around you.  Just try it.  Smile, not just with your mouth, but with your eyes, your face, and really internalize that smile into your whole body. Take a nice deep inhale, and then exhale into that smile. Can you believe how great it makes you feel?  And it only takes a few seconds.  Look at yourself in the mirror while you try this again.  Think about setting an intention to smile when you are talking with someone (in person, online or on the phone). See if it changes the nature of your emotions and subsequently your expressed words.  Remember, being sexy is a vibe, and your smile (or lack of it) is the first thing someone notices about you when they see your face.

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