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7 people in red and blue life jackets on the skip skiff in the milky waters of Glacier Bay smiling and waving.
Photo credit: Monique Anderson

We just returned from our 12 day adventure in Alaska. We spent the first weekend in Juneau. Then we spent the next 10 days on a sailing expedition through Glacier Bay. I look forward to sharing several posts on our trip.

A couple with black baseball hats sitting on a slate wall with Mendenall Glacier in Alaska in the background with cloud-streaked blue skilss and now-covered mountains reflected in the water behind them.
Mendenhall Glacier (in the background)

What is a glacier?  I have to admit, I did not know until I saw Mendenhall Glacier. I thought it was a huge conglomeration of steep mountains of ice. I’ll be posting pictures of the different glaciers we saw. Some of them have blue ice! Here’s my post on our visit to Mendenhall Glacier.

Watercolor painting of Sheila paddle boarding in a cover at sunset in Glacier Bay.
Sheila paddling in Glacier Bay. Watercolor by Dvora

We had so much fun doing so many activities: sailing, hiking, kayaking, stand-up paddle boarding, polar plunging, playing games, and even painting. Every day was it’s own whale watching expedition. Our guides Blaine and Monique were awesome sailors, leaders, chefs, naturalists, and teachers. We saw so much wildlife–whales, porpoises, sea lions, otters, fish, black bears, brown bears, mountain goats, and all kinds of birds. Puffins were my favorite!

Two puffins with orange beaks, white faces and black feathered bodies in the blue waters of Glacier Bay.
Two puffins swimming in Glacier Bay, Alaska.

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Sharing the Good!

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