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Health and Well-Being Coaching

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I’m Launching My Health and Well-Being Coaching Practice: I CAN HELP YOU!

I’m excited to share that I’m launching my Health and Well-being Coaching Practice.  I completed the Wellcoaches Health and Well-being Health Coaching and Lifestyle Medicine training certification in July 2021.  Since then, I returned to working full-time in School Nursing.  Now that my position has returned to part-time, I’m excited to help you!

What is a Health and Well-Being Coach?  I love THIS VIDEO on How Coaching Works. Here is a blog post on Health Coaching: The science and art of behavior change.

Why YOU want ME for your Health Coach

  • Design a Vision: I will partner with you to design a Wellness Vision of the life you want to enjoy.
  • Goals:  I will help you set realistic and achievable goals that will get you the results you want!
  • Accountability:  I will hold you accountable for the goals you set.
  • Motivation: I will inspire and encourage you!
  • Change:  we will work together to help you change your unhealthy habits into healthy practices.
  • Personalized Approach:  I will work closely with you to create a personalized plan for you that is adjusted to your unique needs and lifestyle.
  • Some examples of what we can work on together:
  • Stress reduction and work-life balance
  • Improved nutrition including changing eating habits and providing healthier food and meals for you and your family
  • Optimal fitness:  fitting more physical activity into your schedule
  • Better and more sleep

What Coaching is NOT

  • Coaching is not about giving you advice and expecting you to follow it
  • Coaching is not about steering you towards a certain diet or way of eating
  • Coaching is not about a prescription for a diagnosis
  • Coaching is not about telling you how to “solve your problems”
  • Coaching is not about evaluation, judgement and criticism
  • Coaching is not therapy, although you may find it “therapeutic”

I have professional expertise, experience and knowledge on a variety of health topics.  But our coaching relationship is about how I can support YOU to build the strength and skills that move you forward towards your goals and vision. I will help you make what you dream for yourself a reality!

What to Expect when you sign up for Health Coaching with me

  • You complete a Health and Wellness Inventory that I review before our initial session
  • At our initial session (usually 60 minutes), you identify your top priorities and I help you to design a wellness vision, including 3 month goals and first steps
  • We meet regularly over the next few weeks (and months if appropriate) and explore your positive movement toward your goals and vision.  We discuss what you learn from working on your goals, focus on the priority issues for you, and adjust and set new goals for further progress. 

Book your Initial Coaching Session HERE.

Sign up HERE for Health Coaching with me!

I am a Wellcoaches certified Lifestyle Medicine Coach. I am excited about partnering with clients and working together to support you in your journey towards  “peak wellness”.

My interest in becoming a Health and Well-Being Coach is ignited by my zest for life, and my passion for whole-foods plant-based nutrition and all things Lifestyle Medicine. I believe that most of us can not only improve our quality of life through intentional lifestyle practices, but really thrive!  While I have clinical expertise and knowledge in many different areas, my role as your coach is to partner with you in clarifying your health and wellness goals, and further support you to move forward with sustainable behavior change that cultivates a high level of well-being and performance, both personally and professionally.

Let’s Move Forward Together!

Coaching Agreement

Sharing the Good!

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