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I am sharing items with which I have direct experience and that I find useful in my pursuit of healthy living, self-care, and healthy travel. I hope that you find these helpful, and I would appreciate your feedback.

Travel Accessories and Souvenirs

Please note: As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

Charging Your Devices

Most of us now bring multiple devices with us when we travel (ex: Apple Watch, iPhone, airpods, Kindle, Macbook. Bringing a charger pack like this ​6 port charging station​ allows you to charge multiple devices simultaneous with just one electrical outlet, and this one also features a fast charging feature.

View of Juneau from tram to Mount Roberts. Red tram car ascending with cruise ships docked and mountains and glacier in background of overcast sky.
Juneau from Mount Roberts tram
Photo credit: Fernando Jorge

Getting ready for our Alaska trip:

We’re going on a 10 day sail through Glacier Bay and have a very limited packing list. We won’t be using any “hair appliances” and there’s no need for make-up, so I’ll save some space there. We did buy knee-high waterproof boots and rain pants as advised, as well as duffel bags that can fold up and fit under the bed. They will be heavy and have no wheels so I’ll be using the Kedsum heavy-duty fold-up compact dolly to help move my heavy duffel (could not have moved my duffel without it! I also splurged on a GoPro and decided I’d try a USB-powered heated brush, in case I get frustrated with my natural frizzy curls… I love this brush. It works very well. What else would you bring on a 10 day sailing trip in a remote area?

Keep your iPhone handy and safe when you travel (and all the time).

I use the Bandolier iPhone case and cross-body strap all the time. It has a small pocket in the back in which I keep my DL, 1-2 credit cards, my health insurance card, a couple of business card and a $20 bill folded up. I always “wear” my phone and find that this is SO helpful when traveling, because my “wallet” is on my body, and my iPhone camera (which is terrific) is always available and I don’t drop it.

My favorite cosmetic souvenir from Paris: Nuxe all-in-one oil

Many people choose cosmetics when deciding what souvenirs to bring hime from Paris. My friend recommended that I buy Nuxe oil when I visited Paris. Even the local drugstore chain has a wonderful selection with “beauty advisers” (I’m not really sure what their title is) that will guide you with advice about what you are looking for. I bought the Nuxe oil and I LOVE IT! I even love the scent, and I generally am very “scent”-sitive. But I’m running out so I found it on Amazon and I bought it there. I think the prices are better in Paris. But I am glad to have this option until I go back to Paris and stock up on more!

A bottle of Nuxe all-in-one oil that has an amber tint and a metallic cap.

Shopping for an Airfryer?

I chose the Breville Smart Oven Air… and then I bought one for each of my three adult children!

Brevlle Smart Air Oven in stainless steel on multicolor stone counter beneath white cabinet with nickel handle knobs, in between Shun knife block to left and black mini Kitchen Add food processor to right.

I bought the Breville Smart Oven Air Fryer Pro when I choose an airfryer for a few reasons:

  • I knew it would support the healthy whole food plant-based cooking I was learning
  • I did not like the appearance and lack of visibility of the classic air fryer appliances
  • I did not want another appliance on my counter
  • I read a lot of reviews, and watched youtube videos from Nutmeg Notebook on all the wonderful ways to use this superior appliance
  • I liked the variety of different functions available, including convection, roasting, baking, dehydrating, and settings for pizza and bagels!


  • This appliance is very large. I put it where my Breville Toaster Oven was. The only place we could put it in the kitchen was beneath a cupboard. I learned that because of the intense amount of heat emitted during many of the modes of cooking, I would need to keep two cutting boards on top of the oven to displace the heat emitted. Those are included in the accessories list.
  • The toaster function takes much longer than a conventional toaster. But I just account for that and put my items in earlier.

Recommended Accessories:

The product links above are for Amazon. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. The price of the appliance itself is the same on Amazon as it is at the Breville site and most major retailers. The accessories are actually less expensive if you order them directly from Breville. I do appreciate the ease of returning and exchanging with Amazon so I often choose to purchase from there.

I love this Breville Smart Air Oven Pro so much that I rarely use my conventional oven any more. I bought one for each of my adult children and their partners. I am sure they use theirs daily, maybe even multiple times a day, just as we do!

How do you think cooking with an air fryer will change the way you eat?

What I use to make Nice Cream

I use the Kitchen-Aid Mini-Chopper You can see it sitting right next to my Breville Smart Oven Air in the photo above!

Take a look at this gorgeous dessert I made with it!

Staying organized in your kitchen

Containers and Lids

As plant-based eater and chefs, we need so many different containers and lids. Our cabinets can become really messy without the tools to stay organized. I love the youcopia line. I just bought this lid organizer and love how my cabinets look!

Hamama Sprouts

You can use THIS CODE to get Hamama sprouts.

Sexy in Your 60’s – supplies

I recommend you have a dedicated binder for the workbooks you will print out and use. You will also want to have a journal, as writing and reflection are a key component of this program.

Additional Amazon Links:

Cocotropic 8 oz.

Cocotropic 16 0z.

USB powered Heated Brush for travel

Polarized Sunglasses for travel

Sharing the Good!