Sharing the Good!

Dvora standing with Kona backround after hiking.

Hi! I’m Dvora Citron


I’m so grateful you’re here!

I am a Masters-prepared Registered Nurse with over 37 years of experience in Maternal-Infant hospital nursing and pediatric/adolescent School Nurse practice. I am passionate about all areas of Lifestyle Medicine, and have expert experience and knowledge in many areas, including mindfulness meditation and whole food plant based nutrition.

I am committed to the practice of Lifestyle Medicine to promote active aging: that means cultivating healthy habits so that we enjoy a high quality healthspan and a long lifespan. I believe that moving towards plant-based nutrition contributes to the health and wellness of individuals, communities and of our planet!

I am a certified Wellcoaches Health and Well-Being Lifestyle Medicine Coach. Check out my Health Coaching Page!

I’m also a Prolon Enthusiast. Learn more about Prolon HERE.

I look forward to connecting with you!


Read more about me on my Linkedin.

Sharing the Good!